Welcome to Hopper - A Programming Environment for Kids

The purpose of this programming environment is to teach children how to work in a program environment. They will move a frog along lilly pads, sometimes eating flies alomg the way, and end up on a flowered lilly pad.

The first four levels work with you moving the frog with directions relative to the Frog's position. For example if the frog is facing East, if it turns right, it will now be facing South. In the first four levels the Frog can face North, East, South or West.

In Levels 5 and 6, the frog will move in an absolute direction. FNE will have the Frog face Noth-East. The frog can move in 8 directions on this level.

Levels 7 and 8 are competitive levels. In Level 7 the Frog can move in 8 directions, but will move in reponse to the position the Frog is facing. Turnright will change the frog's direction 45 degrees clockwise. In Level 8 the Frog will move to an absolute direction, like FSW. Levels 7 and 8 will be timed and the same game board will be able to be repeated on multiple computers by entering a particular number key.
  1. Level One
  2. Level Two
  3. Level Three
  4. Level Four
  5. Level Five
  6. Level Six
  7. Level Seven
  8. Level Eight